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    Annual Honey Tasting Competition

    Annual Honey Tasting Competition
    Once a year we invite local beekeepers to attend our honey tasting competition and vie for the coveted title of “Best Honey of the Year”. Current award holder is our very own Board Member, Jerry Alcorn. 

    How to enter the honey tasting competition 
    The contest is usually held in August. Bring a squeeze bottle with of your honey.  Make sure you have a cap on the bottle so that a small amount can be squeezed on several plates. Your honey will be judged by meeting attendees who vote for their favorite. 

    Participants are encouraged to bring honey that can be donated to the club for auction. Bring enough honey to sell at the meeting because many honey tasters want to buy honey from beekeepers they know. Remember, for the best honey; know your beekeeper, know your honey.