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    Youth Beekeeping Scholarship Program Information

    Trinity Valley Beekeepers Association - Youth Scholarship


    • To educate youth in the art of beekeeping to promote a better understanding of the value of honey bees to our environment and to the food chain.
    • To provide an opportunity for youth to experience responsibility and enjoyment through beekeeping.
    • To provide an avenue for youth to engage in an avocation and gain the potential to pursue beekeeping as a sideline or full-time vocation.
    • To further TVBA’s mission of educating the public about the importance of honey bees.


    • The applicant must be between the ages of 12 and 18 by November 1st of the current year.
    • The applicant must be willing to travel to monthly meetings and classes.
    • The applicant must be currently enrolled in public, private, or home school.
    • The applicant must have permission and agreement from parent or guardian.
    • The applicant must reside in Dallas, Collin or Rockwall or a surrounding county.
    • The application must be submitted to TVBA no later than November 1st of the current year.

    The recipient will be provided:

    • A set of woodenware for a beehive.
    • A honey bees for the hive.
    • Beekeeping equipment: hat, veil, gloves, hive tool, and bee smoker.
    • A beginning beekeeper class (held once a month in the first part of the year), registration and textbook.
    • A one-year family membership in TVBA.
    • Mentoring by a TVBA member for one year.
    • Location to extract honey, free of charge to the student for the first year.

    Program Committee

    • Finalists will be selected by the Youth Program Committee.
    • The Program Committee will arrange an interview with scholarship finalists and their parents/guardian.
    • The scholarship will be awarded to those applicants selected by the Program Committee and presented at the TVBA January Meeting.

    Required Student Development Activities

    • Attend all beginning beekeeping classes.
    • Attend at least 10 of the association monthly meetings during the scholarship year.
    • By January 1, the student will write a paragraph about themselves for the Newsletter, as introduction to the club.
    • In the course of the scholarship, the student will: (1) present a short progress report of their beekeeping activities to date. This is called the hive report; (2) research and present a honey bee related topic to an audience; (3) prepare a final report on PowerPoint to be given in November. The report will include pictures of progress, pictures with the student’s mentor and a summary of things learned about honey bees and life lessons in general.
    • Help facilitate the regular monthly meetings by assisting in various roles.