Beehive Removal Guidelines

The Trinity Valley Beekeepers Association of Dallas, TX recommends bee friendly live removal & relocation by a beekeeper.

A live bee removal and relocation from a structure is no more invasive than a properly performed extermination. A proper extermination of a colony located in a structure requires removal of the wax comb and honey as well as “just getting rid of the bees”. An exterminator who does not remove the comb from the structure has left the job half done, to the detriment of their customer. Leaving comb, honey, dead bees, and other organic material in a structure will cause fermentation, mold, and decay, which will often lead to more costly issues in the future.  It attracts other animals and insects as well as having a strong likelihood of attracting a new swarm of bees once the toxins dissipate.

Our food supply is dependent on the continued existence of honey bees for crop pollination; it makes no sense to deliberately kill off the pollinators that feed us. A live relocation is better for American agriculture, better for the environment, and better for your home. So, if you have unwanted honey bees, contact a beekeeper for a live removal and relocation.

Trinity Valley Beekeepers Association does not recommend a specific removal service.