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    Individual Class

    The Beginning Beekeeping Class is your path to success as a new beekeeper. Our four-session course covers from getting bees to the steps you need to take throughout a beekeeping year.  This class is designed for beekeeping in North Texas.  We have a class every month so that you can make sure you are getting current information for YOUR bees. 

    Before you order bees, buy equipment and beekeeping books sign up for our class.  We will show you the essential equipment and textbook needed for your apiary in North Texas.  Beekeeping students tell us every year our class exceeded their expectations and that they avoided buying unnecessary equipment and textbooks.

    Class Schedule & Subjects

    All classes are the last Saturday of the month from 10:00 to 12:00. Classes located at Paul Quinn College - PQC 3837 Simpson Stuart Road, Dallas, Texas 75241. Adam's Building room 209A.

    Date Class Type Subject Where Time
    February 25 Classroom Setting up apiary, biology and anatomy PQC 10 AM – Noon
    March 25 Classroom Pest diseases products of the hive. Demonstration in a hive without bees of best practices to work your bees PQC 9 AM – Noon
    April 29 Classroom Preparing for winter, Develop your yearly plan, Class summary PQC 9 AM – Noon
    May 20 Classroom Hands-On Field Day
    PQC 9 AM – Noon

    Hey there class attendees!
    Classes located at Paul Quinn College - Adam's Building Room 209A: 3837 Simpson Stuart Road, Dallas, Texas 75241
    All classes are the last Saturday of the month from 9:00 to 12:00, except for the February 25 class.

    Class requirements:
    You will need a bee suit and gloves to attend the May Hands-On Field Day. Bring a notebook to each class to take notes on the information presented in our PowerPoint slides. We use a textbook that you will order from a book seller of your choice. We do not send out course material ahead of time because our instructors teach from their North Texas specific PowerPoint slides and your textbook.